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Plumbing problems which are usually very costly in the home

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The new Canadian house can consumre about one thousand gallons of fresh water per week. The homeowner who is conscious of his bills as well as the natural resources available to us, it is imperative that the water consumption is under control. The main components of the plumbing system in the house is the water pipes and the faucets that provide access to the pressurized water. When a leak is found in one of the faucets, a huge amount of water can be wasted 24 hours of the day. If you have a faucet that you keep meaning to fix, then don’t delay.

The faucet that leaks one drip per second can potentially waste an average of 1500 gallons of water every year. That is an amazing amount of not only fresh clean water, but also bills that is being wasted. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is ignored frequently, even by house owners who tell their children not to leave the lights on in their rooms or leave the TV running all day. A quick look at your water bill would reveal that the harm to the environmental resources and to the pocketbook is greater from a faucet that is leaking than from an average lightbulb.

There are different types of faucets in today’s market, and the functionality are slightly different and this means that they could be leaking for different reasons. Water faucets are washerless or compression based. The washer usually forms a barrier that prevents the water from leaking. When the washer is old or starts to become hard the seal could get break down. Which would allow the water to leak out even when the faucet is in the off position, therefore creating a major plumbing system problem that should be dealt with. Faucets without a wahser on the other hand have a different design, instead they use interior walls that close together to prevent water from escaping. This type of faucet are not easy to fix and will usually require a professional.

If you have a faucet with a washer make sure to turn off the main water valve, then proceed to take the faucet apart until you remove the inside washer. Take out the internal washer and replace with another which is the same size. Put together the faucet and verify it is working.

For people in Toronto, using a plumber is an easy phone call away, and most plumbers can repair the leak in the house within a short amount of time therefore saving you time. A lot of the plumbers Toronto companies are available round the clock, every day of the week, so for those who do not have time it is easier than ever to enlist the assistance of plumbing service to help solve all the faucet leaks.

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