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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon spreads over a place of 2750sq.kms and is home to about 3 million people in the area. The city is the largest in the united states and flights to Lisbon like Air France bring in an annual 14 million passengers to make money and pleasure in the Lisbon Portela Airport terminal, one of the greatest in Europe.

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Centered in the heart of Portugal, Lisbon is settled across the Tagus River. The capital is the westernmost city throughout Europe. The city is further split into municipalities, 53 to become exact. The bigger area of the city called Greater Lisbon is just the cluster of cities and districts cooperating to form the Lisbon Metropolitan area.

Encompassed by prominent districts such as the Alcantra, Alfama and Bairro Alto, the capital has always featured in its rich culture, strong history, prominent landmarks through the area, special quarters and a whole lot, all raising the name and living standards of the inhabitants. The metropolitan is considered a global one, with its world-class level media, commerce, entertainment, international trades and tourism. National conferences, world-renowned trade fairs, growing financial benefits are leading the town up its ladder of success in the world's market. Cheap flight tickets are a fight during the premium era of the town and thus need weeks of advanced booking to create ease on the pocket.

Climatically, the city is influenced by the Subtropical Mediterranean conditions that provide it both mild winters and summers. Encompassed by the sea, temperatures fall enormously at night and have an average of just 13 degrees, all year round. In January, the city has temperatures dropping almost to zero, whereas the hot month of August sees a mild rise as high as 34 degrees. With an average annual temperature of 16 degrees during the day, the city is mainly always pleasant to stay in. Make sure to check up on the airfares and go in for some low fares by availing tour packages and paying heed to the websites promoting vacation packages.

The most traditional method to move about the town may be the tram system. Along with that, Lisbon has four trains to commute from Lisbon, which however are not within the light rail category. One always has access to buses and cabs, and for crossing the bridge, the ferries. Cheap tickets to Lisbon's opposite end from the river are a reason the Tagus has also become a prime tourist attraction.

The town holds many international and European championships in the magnificent stadium, all organized through the Sport Lisboa e Benefica club. Being well-settled, developed and much-visited, the help and accommodations are world-class. The town flourishes with its grand markets, exquisite shopping arenas, breath-taking attractions and pleasant weather. Cheap flights to Lisbon are often available through tour operators and advance booking.